Olga D

Age: 32
City: Odessa
Country: Ukraine
Height: 5’8″ (172 cm)
Weight: 128 lbs (58 kg)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Education: Graduate School

I have a very usual hobby as a photographer. I have my own portfolio and from time to time I add my new nature and not only nature photos to it! this is when a hobby has turned into a job and a lifestyle! I really like to draw and take pictures! I love to ride my bike in the evenings, and I also love to watch movies with a cup of tea before going to bed.

I am very active and purposeful, but I always know that for growth as a person, I need a partner for whose sake I can try, now I am interested in comfort and a home life, but so de not against sometimes to spend time actively! I have worked a lot and work all my life as my parents raised me to be financially independent, I never spend my partner’s money, I’ve always been accustomed to earn money myself! I love sports and fitness!

Few people appreciate a woman with male interests, but I am. And I believe that my partner should be comfortable with me in everything, it is my duty! I am looking for a faithful, reliable and loving life partner. I want a relationship based on mutuality and harmony. The perfect relationship for me is when we can do everything together, even the craziest things. It is the kind of relationship where there is harmony and shared desires and fantasies that can be one hundred percent successful!



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