Mora A

Age: 30
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine
Height: 5’8 (173 cm)
Weight: 139 lbs (63 kg)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Education: Graduate School

I am cheerful and positive person. I lead an active and healthy lifestyle. I love swimming in the sea and in the pool. I love running outdoors and I adore walking along the sea. I regularly exercise in the gym and do stretching and yoga. I adore spending time in nature and cook the most delicious barbecue.

But that’s just a part of me. Can you imagine how many more facets of me there are? Shall we uncover a little bit at a time? Or are you ready to see everything at once?
In everyday life, I am an open and cheerful girl who is always ready to share her laughter and positivity with others. I have plenty of my own quirks in my head and my friends often laugh that I’m never bored with me. I love throwing impromptu parties, cooking unusual dishes and coming up with surprises for loved ones. I fool around a bit, but do you like it? Will you keep me company?
I love life and am eager to live it to the fullest. I am always in search of new impressions and adventures. Sometimes I feel like I have pure adrenaline in my veins. I can suddenly snap on a weekend trip to an unknown city or enroll in cooking classes and more.
My friends often ask me where I get so much energy and enthusiasm from. But for me, it’s just a natural state. I believe that life is too short to waste it on boredom and routines.
And you know what? It is this desire to live life to the fullest that makes my life so vibrant and fulfilling. I’ve learned to accept and love myself with all my quirks and peculiarities. Will you show me your dark sides? Will you trust me?

Do you have any clear criteria for picking a girl? How many things do I meet?
I dream of a man who will be by my side in all my adventures and support me in all my endeavors. I want a man who will be my partner and friend who shares my values and passions.
I want to see a man by my side who will be strong and confident, but at the same time not afraid to show his vulnerability. He should be someone who is not afraid to express his feelings and emotions, who knows how to listen and hear. It’s that simple…isn’t it?
Another important aspect is a sense of humor. Life can be difficult at times, and I want to have a person by my side who knows how to find light moments in it and laugh with me. We will make up our own jokes, laugh at the little things and find joy in everyday moments.
Tell me everything about yourself, how you live, what else you plan, I will try to complement your life and bring bright colors to it, I’m ready, and you?



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