Ivanna B

Age: 32
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine
Height: 5’5 (165 cm)
Weight: 101 lbs (46 kg)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Education: Graduate School

There is a whole package of things that I enjoy. I want to figure everything out and try everything because my love for life is just boundless. First of all, maybe you will not believe it, but I’m a master marksman! So I’m a pro if we’re talking about gund!
Second of all, it’s sports! I can’t even imagine my life without the gym, jogging and just athletics, so I guess being overweight is impossible for me, haha.
And of course, it’s traveling! Thank goodness my profession allows me to do that with ease.
There are many more different things I love to do, which you’ll find out about a little later. IF YOU WANT TO MEET UP, of course.

I guess I should start that I’m an awesome lawyer because I graduated from a SPECIAL PROGRAM in the US not too long ago! By the way, my job allows me to travel quite often and I value it very much. I have already visited a lot of countries and even lived in the US for some time, by the way!
I have a daughter, but I don’t even see her or live with her because her father took her from me a long time ago. So, it’s like she’s a part of my life, but at the same time, she isn’t and probably never will be, because she is growing up without me. But I don’t get discouraged and I know that happiness awaits me because I have become wiser and life has taught me a lot.
As for my personality, I’m an energetic and self-assured woman who is ready for ANYTHING with the right person! I see myself as a person who possesses a combination of qualities that are sure to pique the interest of my potential partner. I have a passion for life and adventures, always ready for new challenges and opportunities. My independence and self-sufficiency help drive me towards my goals, yet I’m open to collaboration and mutual support. I value intelligence and engaging conversations, sincerity, and kindness in people. I believe in the importance of mutual respect, trust, and support in relationships. If you’re up for adventure and keen to share your interests and values with me, I’d love to get to know you! RIGHT NOW!!!

For me, ideal relationships are not just about coexistence, they’re a real adventure filled with passion (THE CRAZY ONE), mutual respect, and support. I see us as a team, ready to overcome any challenges together and savor every moment of life. Together, we’ll explore the world, discover new horizons, and inspire each other to grow. Our relationship will be characterized by openness, honesty, and mutual understanding. We’ll support each other in achieving our goals, bring joy and support in tough times, and, of course, be inspired by love and passion for each other every day.
I can talk about this for hours, but I think better if I show this for real because I am a woman of ACTION!!



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