Valentina C

Age: 25
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine
Height: 5’5 (165 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Light-Brown
Education: Graduate School

My main and favorite activities in my free time are dancing and morning jogging.

Look at me I am skilled in dancing, as if created to dissolve in music, in my every movement there is a melody, smooth and graceful, like the dance of petals in the wind. Imagine that my voice is the most tender melody that can envelop you in warmth and happiness.
I am also in love with nature, I love walks in the forest or along the lake shore. It fills my soul with inspiration and peace. For me it is a source of inspiration and energy.
Also, my passion for creativity and the beauty of the world makes me truly amazing and unique.

I dream of a man who will become my support and partner in life, one who will be there at any moment.
I am looking for someone with whom I can build not just a relationship, but a real union of souls and hearts, where every day will be filled with laughter, understanding and mutual support. It is important to me that we have common goals, dreams and desires, so that together we build our own little universe, where every moment is lived with special taste and meaning.
I dream of love that will become stronger every day, of tenderness that will surround us. I need a man with whom I can grow and develop, who will inspire me to new achievements, making every day special and unique.
I believe that somewhere in this huge world there is the only one who can make me happy.



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