Marie L

Age: 29
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine
Height: 5’7″ (169 cm)
Weight: 119lbs (54 kg)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Education: Graduate School

I love to take care of myself and I would probably call it my hobby, since all the beauty procedures take up not a little time in my life. I regularly go to massage, gym and swimming pool with sauna. In addition, once a week I go to the beautician and a little less often to a beauty salon. In my life I’m used to relying only on myself and my own strength. So nice to feel complete financial independence and not to think about creating a relationship with mercantile benefits. Can you guess my profession and field of activity? Are you not afraid of such confident girls? Do you feel comfortable in the company of accomplished individuals? Can you teach me something new? I am good at giving thanks for new knowledge and skills. I have a pet, which is Sonia the iguana. Often I am compared to a snake, looking at the appearance, but at heart I am a very gentle and vulnerable cat.

I like to be the center of attention. I like attention from both men and women. In general I am for variety in my life and I want to try a lot. I try to write very carefully, so that my man can understand me. Is there something in your life that so far you have not been able to feel? Ready to tell me about your secrets and desires? Will you trust me? I like to attend celebrity hangouts and events. My sister works in show business and it allows me to be at the best events in our country. Often I took part in designer shows as a model and I really liked the feeling of being on the catwalk. After, even one producer wanted to talk to me, but knowing his reputation, I did not want to risk mine. Although that’s how many work their way to success. What do you think about it? Was it worth humiliating yourself and stepping over your principles for the sake of your career? Experienced that in your life? If I were the boss and you came to get a job in my office, what would you be willing to do for a position? Would you have the courage to answer my questions?

I need a man with whom we will look in the same direction. I want to feel passion, attraction, and fire in my eyes. I think it’s normal to want that from a relationship. Do you think you can show yourself in correspondence and fall in love with me? Do you believe that in the virtual world you can meet your destiny? How many girls have you met online and continued to communicate in real life? I’m for, lightness and flirting. They say I’m good at flirting. Aren’t you afraid of getting trapped by my feelings? If something more serious happens in the future from our communication on this site, I can dispel a lot of my patterns. It’s hard to scare me into anything and put me in a stupor. So if you suddenly decide to have coffee in your city, I will be glad to fly to you. Or the other way around, as we agreed. I want you to understand the seriousness of my intentions to build a relationship. So, your place or mine?

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