Ekaterina P

Age: 29
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine
Height: 5’9″ (176 cm)
Weight: 123 lbs (56 kg)
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Light-Brown
Education: Graduate School

Dancing, photography, traveling, cooking, diving, camping, mountaineering.

More about me: Recently, my friend told me that my beauty is like a sunset, peaceful, captivating and unique. This reflects me both externally and internally, because for me the main thing is that the body is a reflection of the soul. That’s why I’m always a kind, honest and sweet girl. My hobbies are the same as me, in dance I reveal all my freedom, with the help of photos I capture the best moments. Maybe you want to be in my picture?

Ideal relationship: I am looking for an open, kind and courageous partner. Who will be ready to open up to me and is not afraid of little adventures. Whether it’s exploring the world, dancing in the open air and rain where I take off my shoes and be barefoot, enjoying delicious food and creating unforgettable moments together. In a relationship, the main thing for me is respect, honesty, care and loyalty, but for the rest I am sure we can reach compromises. And create together something more than just an online relationship.



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