Camila L

Age: 27
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine
Height: 5’5″ (166 cm)
Weight: 114 lbs (52 kg)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Education: Graduate School

And since adolescence, I realized that I really love the camera. Therefore, I can safely say that taking pictures is my hobby. Many photographers often told me that I have perfect facial features, correct proportions. With age, I learned to pose correctly and always enjoy shooting. I am not a model and never aspired to be one. But it so happened that my close friend has her own clothing brand and she often asks me to pose in new looks. It is not difficult and pleasant for me to always help a friend, and of course to replenish my personal portfolio. If we talk about shootings that I love, then this is a minimum of clothes, subdued lights and subtle curves of the body. I think it’s not vulgar, but art. Since ancient times, all creative people have admired the female body. Tell me, is it possible to compare modern nude photographs with antique sculptures? Isn’t it the same thing only in the modern version?

My profession is very serious and responsible. I am always in the center of important events and events. I have many acquaintances in different fields and this often helps in life. I am an international journalist. I often fly on various business trips around the world and this allows me to combine my favorite work with travel. I recently returned from China where I was on a serious and secret mission. Sometimes I even have to risk my life for a good report. Would you care for me? Would you worry if I didn’t answer your calls for days? What were we your actions? Would you look for me? Maybe even go to the police?

For some reason, I often have bad luck with relationships. I had only one serious relationship in which I was cheated. And if you saw the girl with whom the guy cheated on me, you would definitely twist your finger at the temple. If we compare, it’s like a fresh juicy apple and dry raisins. Of course I’m an apple. What words would you use to describe me looking at the photos? What feeling do I make you feel? Are you ready to carry me in your arms and call me your sunshine? Can you please me with breakfast in bed several times a week? It is very important for me. I want to feel like a little defenseless girl next to a strong and courageous man. Can you give me? I, in turn, am ready to give you love, tenderness, comfort and support. Many acquaintances call me a good motivator. Perhaps there is something that you would like to do but have not decided for a long time? Let’s put aside all doubts, shall we? Isn’t Dan’s life to enjoy every minute of it? I think we will definitely find something to talk about, something to discuss and something to do. It definitely won’t be boring. Waiting for you my self-sufficient lion.



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