Andjela R

Age: 32
City: Kiev
Country: Ukraine
Height: 5’7 (170 cm)
Weight: 134 lbs (61 kg)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde
Education: Graduate School

Hey everyone, or however it’s cool to start an intro around here – I’m not quite sure, haha!
I’m a pretty open gal and I absolutely love discovering the world anew. That’s probably why all my friends say there’s always something to chat about with me. I can go on about anything from fashion to football. Plus, I’m a huge fan of jokes, so brace yourselves – I might burst out laughing out of the blue because I’ve just thought up some random (and possibly lame) joke, lol. I’m really into staying active and keeping fit, and at night, I love curling up under a blanket to watch movies or binge-watch a series. Oh, and I have this superpower – I can tell what kind of person you are based on your favorite movie. No kidding! Ready to put me to the test? Hehe

I’m a girl who’s itching to break out of her hometown. Oh, and don’t get me wrong. I love Belgrade. It’s a wonderful place, my family lives here, and it’s where I grew up. It’s truly great here, and when I find my guy, I’ll bring him here to show him my hidden gems. But I want more; I want to see what it’s like to live in another country. Maybe it’s my curiosity, or maybe it’s something else. Even my mom always said she wanted me to travel and choose my own place to live. So, throw some places and countries at me, let’s explore together and pick out where we could live, hehe

I don’t want to write something cliche here like “it’s important for us to understand each other, blah blah blah…”That’s a given and something we’d discuss before starting a relationship anyway. So, if you don’t mind, I’ll just list the main qualities I’m looking for in a man. First and foremost, a sense of humor. This doesn’t mean I’m not looking for a serious guy, but if a man can make me laugh, he’s already got a leg up, hehe. And ideally, a love for animals. Everything else, we can chat about in private messages. If you think you might be a match, text and I’ll see for myself.



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